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Avon by The Sea

Inquire about Our Home Security & Winter Maintenance Plans
November 1 - March 31
$985.00 includes tax
*Weekly Rates Available Upon Request


A. Basement - Checking all mechanicals.

    1. Sump pumps working properly 

    2. Water heater & all plumbing

    3. Fuse Box - any cicuit breakers thrown


    1. All windows & doors

    2. Any water entry

    3. Check for inside water damage due to winter storms or other natural events.

    4. Confirmation of security system on-line/off-line due to weather-related events (if applicable)

    5. Water plants

    6. Change Light Timers


    1. Check soffits and roofline for ice jamming.

    2. Pick up all junk mail, flyers, newspapers